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    Toddler Learning Center (TLC)

Toddler Learning Center (TLC) is an early childhood education program for toddlers of the Columbia neighborhood. Volunteers engage toddlers in interactive and educational activities via an anti-bias, play-based curriculum geared to help toddlers become life-long learners.

Program Partner Sites: PS 125 & Toddler Center at Barnard College

Program Hours: Saturdays from 10:30-1:30

Volunteer Commitment: Every Saturday from 10am-2pm

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Maggie Murray CC 2014
Ashley Lee CC

    All of the children who attended the program last year told us that they loved coming to TLC because they had a great time. Furthermore, we were told by the mother of one of the toddlers that before coming to TLC her daughter used to be very shy. According to her, her daughter barely talked to the other children in her pre-school. We were surprised to learn this because at TLC this little girl was very outgoing and sociable. Nevertheless, we were very happy to hear that our program had helped this toddler develop her social skills. When the program came to an end, parents told us that they were happy because their children had enjoyed being part of this program. Most of these parents have already agreed to bring these children back to TLC for this upcoming year. For some of the volunteers, TLC was a great way to do community service, providing help while having a good time. It allowed them to forget for a few hours about their busy and stressful college lives and all!

    ~TLC Volunter