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    Project Tutors

Project Tutors pairs volunteers in classrooms to assist and support both teacher and students. The volunteer supports the teacher in the classroom for at least an hour every week, offering students individual attention, serving as one-to-one and small group tutors and providing extra support to the classroom in an assistant teacher role. As tutors and mentors, volunteers teach students new material, inspire better classroom behavior and relieve teachers of day-to-day stress.

Program Partner Sites: P.S. 165 and P.S. 145.

Program Hours: To be arranged based on volunteer and teacher schedule between 8:30 am and 3:00 p.m. Mondays through Fridays

Volunteer Commitment: 1 hour per week plus commute time

Interested in becoming a volunteer with Project Tutors? Email us at

Please visit the Project Tutor website for more information!

Contact Program Coordinators:
Shambavi Sadayappan SEAS 2014
Kristina Harris CC 2013

    I have worked with my tutor for two years. It has been a tremendous help for me, but more importantly for the students. He is great and we wish him the best. The kids have shown improvement and they love the extra attention.

    ~P.S. 165 Teacher

    Last year, when volunteering at PS 165, one child in particular really brightened my day. Benson was a rambunctious young boy who never quite had the attention span to complete any of the assignments. Whenever I would come he would stop what he was doing, and jump on top of me until I helped him. Despite the fact that his entire workbook was messy and he could never manage to write down a single word on his own, I was able to get him to write out complete sentence long stories. At the end of the year all of the children made me cards. Some drew elaborate pictures and filled their cards with poems, but Benson simply wrote his name and drew a picture of us. Though it was far from the most glamorous card, I was very proud of him for being able to write his name.

    ~Lauren Pully, SEAS 2011, PS 165 Co-coordinator