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    Peace by PEACE

Peace by PEACE is a conflict resolution skill development program for elementary school student. Volunteer teachers offer a year-long curriculum fostering ways of resolving differences by communicating, understanding points of view, and learning together.

Interested in becoming a volunteer with Peace by P.E.A.C.E? Email us at

Program Partner Sites: PS 129, PS 125 & Prospect Family Inn

Program Hours: Program time varies and is site specific. Programs run during the school day

Volunteer Commitment: Weekly 1-hour lessons

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Contact Program Coordinators:
Lauren Hoffman BC 2013
Keith Williams CC 2014
Rachel Barnes BC 2014
Jennifer Fearon BC 2013
Isabel del Canto CC 2013

    Peace by PEACE provided my fifth graders with a safe space to explore alternatives for negotiating situations of conflict. They examined the role of identity and how to shift perspectives in order to promote a deeper understanding of diversity. Peace by PEACE allowed my students a time for reflection, shaping who they are and what they believe in ways that promoted appreciation for differences.

    ~Rebecca Fagin, Teacher, Mott Hall

    They help us learn more about conflict resolution. It was really just a learning experience for both us and the students. One thing that always comes back to me is 5th graders can do this, 5th graders can understand this, then seriously world leaders really should.

    ~Rahul Krishnan, Volunteer