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    Mentoring Youth in New York City (My NYC)

Mentoring Youth in New York City (MyNYC) is a mentoring program that works with potential first generation college students providing them mentors and resources for the college application process that are otherwise unavailable. Program sessions are held on Columbia campus and are structured to prepare mentees for college and make their applications as competitive as possible. Off campus, one-on-one mentor outings are also a part of the program and are designed to foster trusting relationships between the mentors and their mentees.

Interested in becoming a volunteer with MyNYC? Email us at

Program Partner Sites: Manhattan Center for Science and Math

Program Hours: 4-5pm, Friday afternoons in Earl Hall.

Volunteer Commitment: 2 hours per week for a minimum of 1 year plus individually arranged mentor/mentee meetings

Contact Program Coordinators:
Lacey Beck, 2014
Matthew Shore, 2014
Shirley Urena, 2015


The interaction with my mentor and the memorable activities that we had throughout these past two years were rewarding, as well as captivating. The program was more than exploring the city and getting to know the various cultures; it was about discovering my own interest and skills. My mentor helped me draft my goals, gave me advice on applying to colleges, and shared her own personal feelings as a college sophomore. I really appreciate what the program has brought me.~Jessica Zhang, Former Mentee, Cornell Freshman
Once my mentee and I just hung out an entire Wednesday afternoon doing SAT prep and just talking about stuff going on. I think it was a helpful time for him with the SAT, school talk, as well as just a relaxing time for both of us. I didn’t feel like I was a tutor; we were friends hanging out. Being a mentor really was more than just a teacher-student relationship. I feel like I really became friends with my mentee.~Keith Redwine, CC, 2010