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MoneyThink is a national mentorship program teaching Financial Literacy and Entrepreneurship curriculum to urban high school and middle school students. While part of the program students learn the value of saving, budgeting, goal-setting and the basics of credit and debt. As students’ progress into our entrepreneurship program, they learn leadership and teamwork while building companies designed to innovate their school environment.

Program Partner Sites: West Prep

Program Hours: Site Specific, typically held during afterschool hours

Volunteer Commitment: 1 hour lessons each week plus 1 hour curriculum prep

If you are school interested in bringing Moneythink to your school, please email us at

Visit our national Moneythink website for more information

Contact Program Coordinators:
Sydney Small CC 2014
Lynden Unger CC 2014
Sydney Meheula CC 2014
Phillip Ross CC 2014
Cheryl Liu CC 2014
Michael Exter CC 2014
Don Yu SEAS 2014