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    Columbia Youth Adventurers (CYA)

Columbia Youth Adventurers (CYA) is a social excursion and mentorship program providing low-income children an opportunity to engage in learning and enrichment activities outside of the classroom. Barnard and Columbia volunteers lead cultural and recreational trips to sites around the city. The program seeks to encourage increased self-esteem, increased appreciation of cultural activities and traditions, and increase interest in education and learning.

Interested in becoming volunteering with CYA? Email us at

Program Partner Sites: PS 129, PS 145

Program Hours: Saturdays from 10:30 am until 2:30 pm.

Volunteer Commitment: 4 hours each Saturday

Contact Program Coordinators:
Matthew Patey SEAS 2014
Maeve Kelly BC 2013
Gia Yannekis BC 2013
Hahn Chang CC 2015
Wes Rodriguez CC 2014
Ana Altaffer CC 2014

    My role as a volunteer is to support the leaders in the organization of the day, but most of all, to interact with the kids. As volunteers, we play with the kids and we try to make every outing a learning experience in some way: through games, talks, and activities. My favorite time as a volunteer is when we pick up the kids at our meeting point. The kids come running towards us and give all of us a hug. That moment makes my day. They are so happy to see us, and we are so happy to see them! It’s wonderful. Their smiles warm my heart every time.

    ~Francesca Trianni, CC, 2011