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    Big SIBS

Big SIBS is one of Community Impact’s founding programs. It provides a unique mentoring opportunity for local youth who, called LITTLES who would benefit from a positive adult role model. Littles, from the Harlem, Washington Heights, and Morningside Heights community are paired with Columbia or Barnard student aka, BIGS who build a big brother/sister relationship; growing together, sharing experiences, and developing trust and friendship giving the Little siblings a stable, ongoing companionship that supports their already complex lives.

Program Hours: Weekly outings are scheduled at the availability of both Little and Big, typically outings are on weekends with monthly group outings.

Volunteer Commitment: A minimum 2-year commitment with weekly outings lasting 3-5 hours.

Note that prospective BIGS undergo an in depth screening process including a submitted application, interview and reference check.

Interested in becoming a volunteer? Email us at

Interested in having your child become a part of the program? Email Andrea Summers at or call 212.854.2610

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Contact Program Coordinators:
Shudipto Rahman SEAS 2013
Sonika Data BC 2013
NaShawn Johnson CC
Christopher Wallace CC 2015

    The program is a great thing because you really get to know your Big Sib and we have a lot of fun going on the trips!

    ~Elaisha Floyd, 11 years old, Little Sib

    When signing up to be a Big SIBS volunteer, I predicted that I would serve as a role model for a young person, but I hadn’t predicted the extent to which my little sister would affect my own perspectives and self-growth… Spending time with (my little sib) rejuvenates my own imagination and pushes me to maintain stable values and self-awareness. Being a Big SIBS volunteer is definitely a transformational experience, and I’ve gained a meaningful relationship that will extend beyond my college years.

    ~Camille Williams, CC, 2009