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    Artists Reaching Out (ARO)

Artists Reaching Out (ARO) brings arts education to 3rd-5th grade students who presently have limited opportunities for enrichment in the arts. Volunteers foster positive mentoring relationships and cultivate young talent in the areas of drama, music and fine art, creative writing, and dance. ARO volunteer teachers lead students both during the school day and in after school programs.

If you are interested in becoming a volunteer for Artist Reaching Out or would like to host the program please email us at

Program Partner Sites: PS 125

Program Hours: Friday afternoons, 3-5pm

Volunteer Commitment: 4 hours/week, Friday afternoons, off-campus.

Please visit our own website for more information –

Contact Program Coordinators:
Rebecca Clark CC 2013
Sam Mickel CC 2014
Miriam Rosen CC 2015
Olivia Califano CC 2015
Chantal Stein CC 2013
Katherine Werwie BC 2014

    Each week at the end of class the kids sit on the carpet to read their poems. One girl refused to read because she was so shy. When she saw the support and applause the other kids were receiving, she decided to read her work. Seeing her confidence build over the course of the semester was amazing.

    ~Anonymous Artists Reaching Out Volunteer

    There has been one student in particular who is always in class, always participating, and really taking away everything we hoped that he would. Once after a lesson had been finished, this student approached one of the teachers and asked him to explain the concept further. It was wonderful to see this motivation and know that ARO can provide an opportunity for students who wouldn’t necessarily have the outlet for artistic exploration.

    ~Eva Carpenter, Artists Reaching Out Volunteer