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    America Reads

America Reads at Columbia University is part of a national program committed to improving literacy skills for local elementary students. Tutors, whether part of the class day program or afterschool programs develop engaging, educational activities that support students in improving current reading levels. Tutors also seek to nurture the value and joy of learning through mentorship as well.

Throughout the semester, America Reads also does Friday Field Trips giving students the opportunity to visit unique cultural centers throughout New York City such as the Bronx Museum of the Arts, MoMA, and even the Wollman Rinks.

If you would like to make a difference tutoring a child or have additional questions about our program, please email us at

Program Partner Sites: PS 36, PS 76, PS 180

Program Hours: M-F AM & PM Hours
America Reads operates programs during school day and also after-school. Day time class tutors serve as teacher aides and one-on-one tutors and are arranged on volunteer availability. Afterschool tutors typically work with a small group of students or one-on-one and are at a set time weekdays.

Volunteer Commitment: 1x per week, 3-4 hours week.

Contact Program Coordinators:
Roniquee Marksman CC 2014
Isai Mays CC 2014
Nell Koring BC 2013
Xiomara Torres CC
Jessica Bertubin GS
Andrew Johnson GS
Michelle Ynsinare SEAS 2014
Adam Sachs CC
Elizabeth Shay CC 2014

    The kids are energetic, funny, vibrant, sweet… The glow in their eyes when they finished reading a passage or drawing or writing a card was, as trite as it sounds, very rewarding. It was amazing how both children and college students valued these exchanges: sharing their personal lives with one another and forming genuine bonds… I’m not sure who enjoyed these days more.

    ~Jackson Braun, CC, 2008