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    Student Health Outreach Program (SHOUT)

    We have had the fortunate experience to work with Columbia University's SHOUT...Our teachers and kids were thrilled with their enthusiasm when presenting and tips for leading a healthier lifestyle. Renee Neier, Education Director, America SCORES New York

    I assisted in providing information about various health-related issues and medical screenings. We also asked the clients of the Ford Hall food pantry if they needed Medicaid and if their children needed health insurance, and we subsequently assisted those in need with attaining health insurance. Important in my view, however, is the feeling that one is truly making a difference in the community. Skyler Shatkin, CC, 2010
Student Health Outreach Program (SHOUT) , in collaboration with the Children's Defense Fund, serves in community-based organizations and school programs. Volunteers educate families about the availability of health insurance and other government benefits and provide eligibility and screenings. Volunteer commitment of 2 hours/week, various days, off-campus. Contact Us:
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