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    This past year, the Project Health Family Help Desk has helped a young mother of two children find employment that offers her flexibility to bring her child to a weekly doctor appointment. And this past year, the FHD helped an unemployed mother of two significantly handicapped children find safe wheelchair accessible housing. There are not enough words to express what the FHD does for people in need. I just say the FHD is inspiring magic. Thank you. Maureen Licursi, Allied Health Professional and Nurse Practioner

    As a family advocate for patients at Harlem Hospital, I connect families with resources such as food, childcare, adult education and housing. From working at the Family Help Desk, I have come to realize that access to other resources is just as important as a doctor's treatment plan. I feel very empowered by the work I do. Thomas Sun , CC, 2011
Health Leads volunteers work to ensure that children in the Harlem community grow up free from obstacles imposed by poverty and poor health through a program targeting sickle cell. There is also a Family Health Desk that provides referral services to families at Harlem Hospital. Volunteer commitment of 3 hours/week, various days, off-campus. Contact Us: