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    Health Education & Awareness League (HEAL)

    The weekly interactions with peers and sixth grade students allowed us to forge partnerships and develop connections in and outside the classroom. As volunteers, we are able to explore our own interests and passions in the health field researching for informational packets, compiling brochures and directing activities for our classes and sharing this knowledge with younger students. HEAL encourages you to bring creativity to lesson plans and to share personal experiences but more often than not I find myself learning something new from our students. Whether it's an allusion pulled from the latest That's So Raven episode or a situation students have encountered in their own lives in Central Harlem, I am always inspired by their willingness to participate, their honesty and their laughter. Lia Hulit, BC, 2009
Health Education & Awareness League (HEAL) volunteers create a curriculum that promotes health awareness among middle-school children in Harlem who otherwise do not have access to health education. Through HEAL's dynamic and interactive presentations every Friday, children are given information on preventative health, nutrition, drugs, careers in health professions and other relevant topics. Volunteer commitment of 2 hours/week, off-campus. Contact Us:
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