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    Barnard/Columbia Earth Coalition (EarthCo.)

    I felt that Earth Co was a great group to participate in, even if one wasn't particularly interested in a leadership role per se, because it was notably without a strict hierarchy. While two people did organize and run the meetings, everyone was encouraged to participate and come up with ideas and execute them to their ends. It was especially egalitarian in that way. For me, that was a really great experience, and it meant that I had a lot of fun and felt productive in our events such as the plastic bag recycling drive. Madeleine Rubenstein, BC, 2010

Barnard Columbia Earth Coalition (EarthCo.) works to improve the local environment by promoting recycling on campus, organizing park cleanups, sponsoring environmental forums, and coordinating Earth Week activities. Volunteers are involved in national issues by organizing letter writing campaigns and collaborating with other environmental organizations. There is also a weekly educational component in which volunteers engage elementary school children in environmental activities. Volunteer commitment of 2 hours/week on Fridays at various locations. Contact Us:
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Rakhi Agrawal BC 2014