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    Community Lunch

    Community Lunch is great partly because the volunteers who are not in leadership positions still have such an important role. The coordinators are incredibly important because they order food, decide the menu, plan parties, delegate tasks, etc., but they also work with the regular volunteers in doing everything else: food preparation, the actual cooking, serving, and cleanup We get to interact with all of Community Lunch's guests, many of whom we get to know over the weeks. It's a sort of instant gratification seeing people who are in need eating the food we have just made. This is community service where you really have to roll your sleeves up and pitch in. I like that. Ruth Weiss, BC, 2009
Community Lunch volunteers work as a team every Friday to cook a meal from scratch for 75-100 homeless and low-income guests. Our soup kitchen at the Broadway Presbyterian Church on 114th Street and Broadway is unique for its family-style serving and inviting environment. Volunteer commitment of 2-3 hours. No cooking skills required! Contact Us:
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