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    The volunteers play an integral role in Advocacy Coalition. We help to provide low-income individuals and their families with food, clothing, shelter, etc. Just knowing that a little bit of my time and a simple referral can provide people with the social services that they desperately need makes me look forward to volunteering with AdCo every week. Our services mean that we might help a woman find a shelter to sleep in overnight or a father and his child find a food pantry that is close so they will not have to walk around starving for the rest of the day. As much as we desire to change the policies that force people to live in this deplorable state, we cannot forget that they still need the basic necessities of life. AdCo volunteers provide them with the resources to stay afloat day by day. Evie Lakin, CC, 2010
Advocacy Coalition volunteers work with homeless and low-income clients at neighborhood churches, pantries, and other community venues. Volunteers act as advocates by providing clients with referrals to shelters, pantries, treatment facilities, and job training programs and by helping clients to become aware of government benefit systems. Volunteer commitment of 2-3 hours, once a week, M-F, day/evening hours, various locations. Contact Us:
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