What We Do

CIAO works to help Community Impact serve the local community and develop student volunteers and leaders. We have the following goals:

• Fundraising. Be a reliable source of funds for all CI expenses.
• Building a Community of Service Among People Interested in Columbia. Engage CI alumni and encourage them to be a caring part of the NYC community by connecting them with volunteer opportunities.
• Supporting Future Leaders. Mentor current CI leadership and members.
• Advocacy and Organizational Support. Advocate for CI in the larger Columbia University community; provide staff with feedback and operational advice.

Organizational Structure
CIAO is the organizational arm of the Alumni Committee of the Community Impact Board of Directors. We are Chaired by two members of the CI Board of Directors, and CIAO is run by a CIAO Board, composed of CI alumni and friends. The CIAO Board has the following goals:
• Sets strategy and prioritized goals for CIAO
• Listens to Committees and members
• Liaisons with CI Board, Student Execs, and CI Staff

CIAO has three standing committees: Membership, Student Support, and Fundraising

• Build membership base.
• Maintain web presence, including Facebook.
• Facilitate outreach to past alumni.

Student Support
• Works with CI Student Execs to seek input on CIAO goals.
• Provide mentorship and support for Student Execs and CI volunteers.
• Elicits support from Student Execs for alumni tracking and communications.

• Raise funds to support Community Impact expenses and CIAO operations
• Support driving alumni to CI Auction
• Host annual Fall alumni fundraiser and additional events

If you are interested in getting more involved in CIAO, either by joining one of the above committees or applying to join the CIAO Board, please contact