2009 Fellows

    Nina Daley

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“I initially applied for my internship at Cool Culture for a combination of two reasons: my social conscience, and frustration at the art world. Though these two reasons may seem unrelated, they were deeply intertwined during my second semester. I am an art history major, and I had been feeling for some time already that my field of study was too academic and a job in this field would require me to remain in a private and elite sector of the world. I gained a different focus of art this past year, and I think it has so much more potential for social change and education than the current art world allows.”

“It is one thing to be frustrated from afar, to read newspaper articles of other people’s struggles, and regret the seemingly irrevocable direction that we have been steering towards. But it is entirely different to be immersed in these struggles and contribute something positive while learning things that only experience can teach. This is what I gained from working at Cool Culture.”

“This brief experience made me certain that I want to continue working with arts and education for children, but I have learned that the collective effort of many is required, and sharing your idea and strengthening your resources and peoples’ belief in this idea is absolutely crucial to the success of the idea. Communicating and engaging in real discussion is essential for everyone’s success.”