2009 Fellows

    Kujtime Muzhaku

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“I love being around students of all ages which is the reason why I volunteered at Sports & Stuff, an after-school program at an elementary school for five years. You begin to notice what works and what doesn’t when dealing with certain emotions and personalities, how to handle control of kindergarten students who wander the halls instead of sticking around the activity which can be applied to high school students.”

“I feel that certain students need to be encouraged to reach their potential, that all they need is a helping hand or a friendly push because as I was growing up I needed the same little push and a few teachers I still thank for that and my mother. You may win some and loose some and my goal is to learn how to reach out to as many students as possible to see them shine with their given opportunities and not to abuse them.”

“Through interacting with the students, I have learned to open up more around others, to start questioning and putting myself forward into a conversation because not too long ago I was the shy student which I am reminded of every now and again by Dr. Sat Bhattacharya, the President and CEO of HCS, of how much I have grown in the last four years. Through this internship I have begun to seriously think about teaching, which I would not have pictured before I entered HCS as an office intern. I am considering to be a New York Public School’s teacher in either Mathematics or Physics because I have seen the struggles that students face in these subject areas, especially in school’s where the graduation rates are very low, and these subject areas lack teachers who encourage and engage with students. I believe that I can do my best to help students better understand these often challenging subjects and give back to the community which has served me greatly towards my growth.”