2008 Fellows

    Jessica Milberg-Haydu

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“I began my involvement in the anti-violence movement at Barnard, where I decided it was important for me to become certified as a rape crisis counselor and advocate.  I spent February through May completing a 40 hour training that taught me about sexual violence itself to how to approach somebody who has survived it.”

“I ended up at my internship with Domestic and Other Violence Emergencies at Columbia University Medical Center because I thought it would be a wonderful opportunity to fine tune my skills and learn about how such counseling and advocacy is relevant in a medical setting.  As a Pre-Med student, I am always interested in how one subject relates to medicine.  I never realized how entangled domestic and sexual violence are with medicine until I started doing research about DV screening in the medical setting and helping plan for Health Cares.”

“The reason we were training other hospital departments to better use DOVE as a resource is because so many of the patients that come through those departments are survivors of abuse and could be helped if only physicians knew what flags to look for and how to act accordingly.  Realizing how much of a difference awareness of DV and screening for it can be in all areas of medicine has greatly increased my social consciousness, specifically regarding DV, but also in realizing how important it is to address public health issues across the board.”