2008 Fellows

    Jaimie Lee

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“Although I was working within the Community Impact infrastructure versus an NGO, I believe that what I learned during my experience with the organization will spill over into future phases of my life. I not only worked on enhancing the CI website, but gained further insight into the inner workings of a nonprofit organization.”

“The technical skills and experience I gained during the fellowship is not uncommon, but being immersed in the Community Impact environment was eye opening.”

“Gathering all of the required information from coordinators and their referred contacts was more difficult than I had initially estimated. Even today, I am still sorting information and contacting volunteers and clients, as well as coordinators, for their feedback. Nevertheless, I am confident that I have fulfilled my goal of obtaining enough information directly from club representatives and affiliates to create club homepages that accurately reflect the goals and priorities of each club. Unintentionally, by reading volunteer and client testimony and corresponding with other coordinators, I have come to recognize the relevance and success of the clubs. I hope that other coordinators will also stumble upon this information while browsing the website in the future and will be motivated to coordinate activities and events with other clubs.”