2008 Fellows

    Amanda Karl

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“Working at InMotion for the summer has been a wonderful and rewarding experience.  During my three months as an intern, I learned about domestic violence and the justice system while furthering InMotion’s growth.”

“Though I had worked extensively on international human trafficking issues that greatly affect women and children, my time at InMotion was my first exposure to women’s issues that are more local and intimate in scope, namely domestic violence and legal representation in New York City.  I now have a far better understanding of the pervasiveness of domestic violence and how it affects women’s lives.”

“My time at InMotion and my new familiarity with several types of cases have made me understand that legal representation can be essential to emancipating someone from an abusive relationship and empowering a victim to live independently.”

“From observing family court to reading final documents to chatting about policy implications for our clients, I have been exposed to the wide range of opportunities a legal degree provides in helping people.  While I am not entirely sure which of these legal directions I plan on pursuing, I understand that a law degree would allow me to contribute in several different ways.  In addition to teaching me about social issues I previously knew little about, InMotion has also exposed me to others’ concrete experiences working as a lawyer for social change.”