2008 Fellows

    Alexandra Woodward

Alexandra Woodward – Project HEALTH

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“As a Summer Fellow with Project HEALTH, I hear distressing stories from patients in Harlem Hospital with such frequency that they take on a frightening sense of normalcy. This summer, I have addressed the various needs of many people: from illegal eviction cases to finding summer camps for working mothers, I work to connect low-income families to resources they might not be aware of or know how to use. In doing so, I attempt to mitigate the effect of poverty that make people prone to both poor health outcomes and to systematic inequality that confers upon their posterity the same class restrictions, lack of opportunity, and vulnerabilities.”

“My summer fellowship with Project HEALTH has helped me understand a facet of non-profit work that is greatly undervalued. In order to make any kind of lasting change, there needs to be a system for effective communication; in the instance of health-care, consistent dialogue between doctors, patients, resources, and mainstream society is crucial for ensuring optimal care. My direct participation on shift, gathering information on resources, and helping plan the expansion of Project HEALTH to other sites has made me begin to understand my role in the world of public service; now, with valuable insights on the mechanisms underlying structural inequality, I hope to be able to affect much-needed change in the future.”