Van Amson Fellowship

    Frequently Asked Questions

Q: When does the fellowship begin and end?

The fellowship does not have a fixed start and end date; you simply need to complete 8 weeks of work, 30 hours per week between May 27th through August 9th. Note that sponsored fellowship housing will begin June 10th and end August 9th. Additional housing costs will apply for interim or extended housing.

Q: What type of projects and positions do Van Amson fellows pursue? Do they have to pursue service work related to their service internships?

Van Amson Fellows pursue a variety of work both in the nonprofit sector and in higher education. Fellows serve as teachers, administrative support, social work, law, policy, education and program and events management. See our past Fellows profile section for more detailed information.

Q: Is there a requirement for how long a person has had to intern for a non-Community Impact internship in order to apply for the Fellowship?

There is a requirement that you have secured an internship by the time you apply. You must have the offer and have the employer verify this when you submit your application.

Q: When will I hear if I have received the Fellowship?

On April 5th the Fellowship selection committee will notify applicants if they have received the fellowship.

Q: Are there restrictions, such as religious affiliation, on what type of nonprofit organizations I can work at?

There are no restrictions of what type of nonprofit organization you work at; however, the internship must be full-time and unpaid.

Q: What privileges and responsibilities come with being named a recipient of the Fellowship?

There are a number of privileges and responsibilities that come with being a Van Amson Fellow including being honored at a ceremony, featured in Community Impact publications, and opportunities for private consultation with Community Impact alumni and staff. Fellows are also responsible for fulfilling all the requirements of the fellowship, including attending all organizational events, writing a final essay, submitting an evaluation, and speaking at special CI events.

Q: Will I be a good candidate for this fellowship if I have secured multiple, short-term internships that total the 8-week, 30 hour per week requirement?

In order to qualify for the Van Amson Fellowship, you must have secured one full-time internship that lasts for a minimum of 8 weeks for the specified 30 hours per week.

Q: Are letters of recommendations required?

Letters of recommendation are not required, however, professional and academic references are. Please provide the name and contact information for two professional and/or academic references. A member of the selection committee will contact the reference before official fellowship selection.

Q: If I am not in need the sponsored housing during the summer, does that mean I will get more of the stipend?

The fellowship stipend is a fixed amount and therefore you will not receive additional funds if you do not utilize the sponsored housing. Please note there is a fee for the campus housing if you move in before the official move date or extend the move out date.

Q: What if I have not secured my internship or my employer has not submitted the Employer Verification Form by the due date?

Only applicants who have secured an internship and submitted the Employer Verification form can be accepted as a fellow. The Selection Committee cannot accept late or incomplete applications. It is the applicant’s responsibility to ensure that all application materials are submitted by the due date, March 15, 2013.

Q: How can I ask more specific questions?

To ask any questions, email